Breakdown of Services

Private in your home training

*Many behavior issues are solved with just two in home sessions.

**All Sessions are 1 1/2 to 2 hours long but it can go longer depending on the situation. There is no additional charge if the session goes longer. Our prices are set by the sessions, not an hourly rate.


Two sessions – Each session is tailored to your specific dog and situation. The first session always includes leash walking (Heel) with Sit and self control/patience. You can then choose based on your needs what else will be covered such as reactivity to other dogs, jumping, excessive barking or additional commands such as stay or come etc. (Typically one to two commands can be taught per session). There is no limit to what you can request as we deal with all types of behavior concerns. The amount of sessions needed will be determined by the dog’s ability and the amount of time you put in to practice.


Four sessions – Covers the above plus additional commands and more reliability. Heel, Sit, Automatic Sit, Stay, Down, Come. In many cases dogs are very reliable on leash with medium levels of distractions.


Six Sessions – Everything listed in two sessions and four sessions, plus introduction to off leash – or fully off leash depending on the dogs ability. (A remote collar must be used for off leash training, sold separately but we do carry them.)


Contact with your concerns and what you are looking to accomplish and I will give you an estimate of how many sessions it may require or ask to come to us for a free consult! 


Located in Golden, Colorado.

Areas servicing: Servicing homes from Denver to Boulder and everywhere in between.

Group Classes Beginner/Advanced

Group obedience classes are held at The Sniff Shack at 44th and Sheridan. Sign ups are now done through me. Visit their website for liability forms or I can send them to you and then just call or email me to sign up! You can pay by check or credit card.

Next Class options:

Monday, January 15th at 6:30pm. (Beginner)

Classes meet once per week the same day and time for 6 consecutive weeks. Price: $160 includes collar for beginner.

Beginner Obedience class covers leash walking (heel), sit, automatic sit, stay, down, come, housebreaking, nipping, jumping, chewing, stealing items, socialization, nutrition and everything in between. Pre-registration is required.

*If you are not sure how your dog will do in a group class or if there are more serious issues going on, private in home sessions is recommended prior to attending a group class.*

Advanced Obedience: Requires our Beginner as a prerequisite and be over 6 months old. Dogs will work on commands learned in basic obedience under higher distractions and with added distance and duration. Additional commands will be taught such as Place, Stand and Come with Sit. We will do intro to off leash and remote collar optional. If you are interested in producing a strong off leash recall and your dog be able to perform commands off leash – the separate purchase of a remote collar will be needed. It is not a requirement for the class, just strongly recommended. Owners are still welcome to attend and work on advanced obedience on leash. The dogs will be tested for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test on the last day of class. All dogs with appropriate temperaments should be able to pass the test but don’t feel bad if your dog doesn’t – we love them anyway!

Cost: $160 (includes 15ft lead)

Remote collar cost: $180 (optional)

Board and Train

Do you feel like your dog is so stuck in its ways, you wish you could reset and start over? With my programs you can almost do just that. When your dog is removed from the environment it is used to misbehaving in, it gets a chance to start fresh.

Implementing new commands and behavior takes lots of repetition and building to distractions. I do the hard part for you! Your dog will learn commands, proper behavior, how to work under distractions and much more.

I can help you choose the program that best suits your needs. Board and train works great for busy lifestyles, resetting your relationship, or even if your going on vacation and want to get your dog trained while your gone!

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

(serving within a 15 mile radius of Golden, Colorado)

Pet sits start at $22 per visit
Dog Walks start at $25 per walk

**prices vary slightly depending on the situation and requests.

**Every house is treated as an individual – your dogs are never walked with other owners dogs.

*Have the comfort of knowing your dog is in the hands of a Certified Dog Trainer.

Choose from 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour.

Is your dog out of control on walks?
I can train your dog during a pet sitting visit. Ask for more info.

Petsitting is not limited to just dogs – cats and other domestic animals are also included.

Facetime and Phone Consultations

No matter what your location, there are many ways I can assist in improving the behavior of your dog and your relationship.

Whether you need help with housebreaking, nutrition/health advice, puppy tips and more.

We can talk via phone or Facetime.

If after a consult we determine you will need some in person assistance and you are out of my area, I will assist in finding you a qualified trainer to help you.

Behavior Consultations are $50 per hour.

Board and Train options: The following is the general commands taught but it can be tailored to your needs.

*Disclaimer* You must be shown how to apply what has been taught in order for the good behaviors to continue after the dog is returned to you. It is essential that you apply the new techniques in order for the dog to understand you will remain consistent. We will spend as much time as it takes to make sure you understand how to follow through.

2 weeks: On Leash Program consisting of 2 weeks of board and train. Includes collar and leash.
Covers heel, sit, automatic sit, stay, down, come when called, self control, reduce jumping, nipping and other similar behaviors. Includes a session at completion to ensure owner knows how to follow through with training at home. One additional follow up session also included. All commands will be taught on leash for the 2 week program.

3 weeks: Depending on the individual situation 3 weeks may be required to complete the above program. We will help you decide which is best or you also have the option to decide after 1 week based on our recommendation.

4 weeks: Off Leash Program: 4 weeks of board and train. This covers the same commands listed above, done on leash and off leash with the use of a remote collar. Includes collar and leash (remote collar not included, owner will need to purchase separately).

*We do not feel you can be 100% safe having your dog off leash without the use of a remote collar. There are too many variables that could potentially cause your dog to realize it is off leash and decide to ignore a command. Your dog could be hit by a car, run away or injury another. Remote collars are very safe when introduced properly and are an excellent tool to provide peace of mind when your dog is off leash.