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Essential Oils for Dogs?

Why do I use Essential Oils? I don’t like medication, there I said it. I also dislike toxic smells and chemicals. Guess what? Your dog does too, they just can’t tell you! I can’t even count how many times new clients come to me and their dogs have been prescribed prozac – it’s harmful and doesn’t solve the issue. Essential oils are aromatherapy that actually works in a safe way. A great addition to a training protocol and you are well on your way to a much better life and relationship with your dog. Click Essential Oils for more info!

Amazing Results

You will be surprised just how much can be covered in one training session. While many issues can be solved in our two session package, the increased session packages will provide a lot more reliability, enhanced relationship and a dog you can be proud to show off. Of course it varies with each situation and depends on your goals. We do our best to appeal to any budget. For board and train or group classes you will get a pre-determined goal of what to expect towards the end of the training. I have such a high success rate, I can confidently say no matter what option you choose – you will see great results!

Something for Everyone

If your not sure which program is best for you, contact me and I can help you decide. Every situation is different and you may be torn between private training or a group class. If your a very busy household then maybe board and train is the better option for you. Does your dog just have pent up energy and needs a daily walk to help relax? No matter what the situation I make it my priority to do what is best for your dog.

More extensive breakdown of Services